I’m very excited about hitting the road to meet all of the amazing New Givers out there.  So far the plan is to visit the Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, DC, Detroit, LA, NYC, Seattle, and Tampa Bay.  Philly, Portland, Vancouver, and Miami are also on the table.  I’d also love to find an active New giving community in one of the Southern States, too.

If you live in one of these cities, you can help bring the Adventures to your town.  I believe the project offers several benefits at the local level, including:

  • A micro-summit where local New Giving leaders can build relationships and learn from each other.  We’ll also consider throwing a party at each stop to bring the fun!
  • Building the profile of local New Givers through multimedia storytelling on the Adventures hub.  I will also work tirelessly to connect to your local press to cover your amazing work. This is a chance to attract new participants and support to your efforts.
  • The opportunity to connect to a national (and international) community of people documenting and analyzing new trends in giving. We’ll discover important patterns: opportunities, needs, and strengths and decide together how we can create collective impact.

Are you in?  If so, consider signing up to be a Local Liaison for the upcoming crowdfunding campaign we’ll run on Start Some Good. If you’re ready now, scan down and fill out the form below.  Read on for more information…

What do Local Liaisons do?

If each of the 10 cities I hope to visit raises an average of $1000 locally, the basic budget for the project will be met! To help make that happen, Local Liaisons will:

  • Choose one date between March 12-April 13 to drive local donors to the Start Some Good campaign. You can campaign before and after  your date, of course, but try to take it easy on yourself.
  • Commit to raising a certain amount – $500, $1000, or more – from local New Givers, friends, family and colleagues, on their chosen day.
  • Be a total champ for the project! That’s it.

What I’ll provide to support Local Liaisons

This is a team effort, and I’m here to serve and support you.  I will:

  • Add your name and link of your choice to the About the Adventure page, along with sharing many thankful tweets and Facebook shout outs.
  • Provide strategic guidance and boilerplate language you can use for your local campaign.
  • Connect you to all of my relevant local contacts to build your base of potential donors.
  • Publish a profile of your city after your local campaign day, including the amount you raised and highlighting some local New Giving projects to give other supporters a sense of why your city rocks.
  • Include all money raised from your city in your total tally.  I think that’s the fairest way.

If you’re willing to play this extraordinarily important role, fill out this form.  If you have questions or suggestions about this piece of the overall campaign, don’t be shy about leaving comments below.

Thank you!


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